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If check in is being done online you don't have to waste your time at the airport. You can start right here. Select your seat. Choose and pay for seats with extra leg room, if available. Pay for your baggage if such charges apply. And receive your boarding pass already at home or at the office. If you travel with more than hand luggage you can just drop your bags at special counters. These are only available for passengers with a boarding pass. Time is priceless. This is the best solution to avoid long queues at the counters. This procedure is easy as  many carriers now have introduced web service. It is always available from 24 hours before departure. Sometimes  even earlier. Low cost carriers may require that passengers must use this service online. They may impose additional charges for those who not only drop their baggage at the airport but, require check-in service. Or who may need a reprint of the boarding pass. Ask your travel agent when you make the reservation and/or get your ticket.

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